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Politico on Metsolas: In a new “forgotten” trip, he was declared a Dame in one of the most powerful wine lobbies in the world

The Politico is back with a new article about his president European Parliament Roberta Metsola, since after the “forgotten” trips and gifts he receivedreports that he forgot to declare one journey which he did in France, where he was named Dame in one of the most powerful wine lobbies in the world.

As it states politico.euat October 22, 2022 Metsola traveled to Burgundy -the but he stated in the register of the European Parliament on January 11– and attended a “bacchic” banquet.

There he stayed free with her husband in a suite of the five-star Hôtel Le Cep, for 349 euros a nightwhile partaking in a five-course dinner at the medieval Château Clos de Vougeot, with the menu including fine wine.

The expenses were covered by hosts of the Tastevin fraternitywhere she was subsequently made a Dame.

According to the publication, however, the Tastevin fraternity is not a simple lobby, since it has strong connections, at a time when the EU has wine as a particular export product, which in recent years has been at the center of its trade policy.

Video from an earlier fraternity gathering:

Source: News Beast

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