Polkadot launches anti-scam reward program

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The Polkadot team launched the Anti-Scam Bounty program to improve the security of their ecosystem, which offers cash rewards to participants.

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As part of the program, members of the Polkadot community find fraudulent websites, fake social media profiles, and phishing apps masquerading as Polkadot, and protect Discord servers from hacker attacks. The list of tasks includes the creation of educational materials for users, as well as the development of a special Anti-Scam toolbar to protect against fraud in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Each task is overseen by community members who interact with the performers and provide ideas for more effective results. For their efforts, users receive a certain reward. The program is now led by three curators from the Polkadot community and two staff members from the Web3 Foundation.

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Initiatives to improve security and discover vulnerabilities are being launched by many cryptocurrency projects. So, last year, after the Poly Network was hacked, the creators of the network announced a program to find bugs in the code for a total of $500,000. Before the activation of the Altair hard fork, the developers of Ethereum 2.0 also organized a similar program.

Recall that in October, the Web3 Foundation and the international educational platform edX launched courses on the basic principles of the blockchain on the Polkadot platform.

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