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Yandex Go will offer alternative taxi drop-off points: saves time and money

Today, November 25, developers from Yandex officially announced that the algorithms of the Yandex Go service are now able to offer the user alternative drop-off points when traveling by taxi. Representatives of the company report that thanks to this they are able to slightly reduce the travel time, which certainly makes it a little cheaper. The new mechanism works quite simply – if the passenger’s drop-off point is inside the yard or, for example, the taxi driver needs to drive far enough to turn around and drop the passenger exactly in the right place, Yandex Go will offer the user the option to leave a little earlier.

For example, the system could offer the user the option to exit near the yard so that the driver does not have to look for a drive-in and circle around the residential complex, or leave the taxi and cross the road to the other side of the street. In this case, the user’s trip will be completed a little earlier (in some cases, noticeably earlier), the passenger himself will have to walk a little, but the cost of this trip will be slightly lower. We are talking about a couple of minutes of walking, and not about impressive distances, so the passenger in this case will not suffer and will still be satisfied with the trip.

At the same time, it should be noted that the function of disembarking in a place convenient for the driver is an option, and not a mandatory item. Accordingly, a taxi will not drop a passenger somewhere a hundred meters from the entrance to the downpour, plus the recommendation from the service itself will appear if the entrance to the drop-off point is really difficult. Representatives of the service said that an alternative passenger drop-off point will be offered only if it is located at a distance from the end point of the route that a person will walk on foot in no more than 8 minutes. And if the user agrees to the offer to walk, then the cost of the trip will decrease by an average of 10%.

This option, of course, is very useful for a taxi driver, as he does not need to spend a lot of time looking for an entrance or exit from the yard, which can be a big problem in large residential complexes, plus the chances of getting into a traffic jam and standing for half an hour a hundred meters from passenger disembarkations will also decrease. The driver will be able to drop off the passenger faster and take a new order, but if it is critical for the passenger to get straight to the desired point, then he can always refuse the offer. For example, if walking is uncomfortable or weather conditions do not allow. Moreover, if the trip takes place at night, the order is made for another person, or the destination is an airport or train station, then the service will not offer an alternative drop-off point.

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