Polkadot will launch parachain auctions on November 11

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The Polkadot developers have announced that the first auction of parachain slots on the project’s mainnet is scheduled for November 11th.

The Parity Technologies engineering team behind Polkadot’s development announced that the project is ready to launch parachains. The slot auctions will start on November 11 and will consist of two stages. The initial period will last 2 days and the final period will last 5 days.

The Polkadot network is focused on expanding and increasing the number of transactions. Parachains are blockchains that connect to the Polkadot network and use it to secure and verify transactions. The launch of parachains is the last stage of the launch of Polkadot, described in the technical documentation of the project.

“Deploying parachains on Polkadot is a huge step forward for the industry. Polkadot is designed to destroy the first level terrain in the coming years. This will dramatically reduce the costs required to secure and connect networks, ”said Peter Mauric, head of public relations at Parity Technologies.

As a reminder, an auction of parachain slots was launched in June on the experimental Kusama network. The move brought Polkadot developers closer to launching parachain auctions on the mainnet.

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