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Polygon is preparing for a major update

Polygon Team published three suggestions for a future 2.0 update.

Among the main proposals is the launch of the POL token, which will replace MATIC as the main asset of the ecosystem.

“POL is a next-generation token capable of accommodating the ZK-based L2 network ecosystem, enabling staking, ownership and community governance,” Polygon said in a statement.

The main aspect of the proposal PIP-18 is a guarantee that the upgrade process will not require end users and developers to take any action on existing Polygon PoS and Polygon zkEVM networks.

Also in the plans is the launch of the Staking Layer, which will give validators access to re-allocation of capital as part of the re-staking.

Not all updates will occur simultaneously and are subject to community approval.

Stages of PIP-18 updates. Data: Polygon.

PIP-19 provides for updating the token from MATIC to POL when paying commissions. This ensures that the transition to a new token does not change the smart contracts on Polygon PoS in terms of compatibility. The goal is to ensure that the code properties of the updated POL remain the same.

In July, the Polygon team proposed replacing the MATIC token with a universal POL.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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