Polygon launches studio for the development of decentralized games and solutions for NFT

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The developers of the Polygon project are launching Polygon Studios to interact with two promising segments of the industry: blockchain games and NFT.

According to
records on Twitter of the project, the developers of Polygon (formerly Matic) have created a subsidiary company specializing in games and NFT. Polygon Studios has three main goals: to make Polygon a leader in decentralized game development, to create a brand that attracts developers and investors to the NFT ecosystem, and to position Polygon as the best tool for moving to Web 3.0.

As part of the Polygon Gaming Studio initiative, the company will help developers create and sell decentralized games. A separate project, Polygon NFT Studio, will help brands and intellectual property owners release digital versions of collectibles and roll out NFT markets.

“The launch of Polygon Studios will enable us to provide comprehensive support for blockchain game development. Big brands and franchises will be able to launch on Polygon, and players will enjoy an entirely new world of decentralized gaming and its capabilities, ”the company said.

Recall that in June, Polygon announced the launch of a universal data availability tool called Avail. In general, the popularity of the Polygon solution continues to grow. Major DeFi apps like Aave and SushiSwap have added support for the solution. In early June, OKcoin exchange added Polygon support for lower Ethereum fees and direct access to DeFi.

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