Popcorn may be a healthier snack than you thought

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When it comes to late-night snacks, popcorn is unbeatable. It is an ideal “meal” because it is more filling than other snacks and because it does not depend on frying to taste good. It can also be prepared in minutes, without any special appliances (other than a pan or microwave), and you can season it however you like.

Popcorn night doesn’t have to be a special occasion either. While it’s a great idea to combine it with a movie session, there’s no law that prohibits us from even having popcorn when we want.

Popcorn is an unprocessed grain: In fact, it is the combination of the starch inside and the fibrous outer layer that makes the popcorn pop. Rich in fiber, it still contains a relevant amount of polyphenols, which help reduce blood sugar and aid digestion.

“Popcorn is a satiating snack due to the volume it occupies in the stomach, which prevents us from overeating,” says nutritionist Julien Chamoun, from RD Nutrition Counseling in New Jersey. Popcorn has been shown to be more satiating than potato chips.

“While popcorn is a great snack, when oil is added to it, the calories and fat can double,” says Chamoun. He recommends electric popcorn makers as the best method to limit the amount of oil used in cooking. But if you don’t want to spend money on the device, just put a little oil in the pan. See how.

How to make simple popcorn in the pan

To make 16 cups of popcorn (about four servings), you need half a cup of corn kernels and two tablespoons of cooking oil — such as canola or other vegetable oils.

Pour the oil into a large pan. Add two or three beans to the pot, cover it and place over medium heat until you hear the beans pop.

When this happens, remove the pan from the heat, add the remaining beans and cover the pan. Wait 30 seconds and place it on the fire again, shaking it, until the frequency of the pops decreases.

Carefully remove the lid, letting the steam escape, then transfer the popcorn to a bowl to season it.

Create flavors with healthy spices

When it comes to seasoning popcorn, the options are as varied as your tastes. Whether sweet or savory, you can customize your popcorn bowl to your taste buds’ preferences.

Use a little melted butter, coconut oil, or olive oil so the seasoning has a place to stick.

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