Porsche to create digital clone of Taycan to remotely assess vehicle wear

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The information publication Motor Authority, citing the press center of Porsche, reports that the company will create special digital twins for the Taycan electric cars in order to remotely monitor the wear of vehicle components and analyze various data. “Clones” will be created on the basis of information from sensors and on-board computers of electric cars, as well as on the basis of information obtained during routine maintenance or repair work. All this is necessary to extend the life of the flagship electric vehicle and test technology that has no analogues yet.

For example, using software algorithms from Porsche, the system can analyze the driving style of each individual Taycan owner, create a digital twin of the Taycan and, based on the information received, recommend an individual interval for routine maintenance. The information gathered will be used to predict the potential wear and tear of certain components to better determine when they need to be replaced or repaired. The technology will first be used to monitor the strength of the air suspension – the system will notify the Taycan owner if component wear has exceeded predetermined limits.

In theory, this technology will really be useful. For example, at the moment, the car manufacturer recommends to undergo scheduled maintenance based on the distance traveled – say, once every 7 thousand kilometers. But since each driver has his own driving style, the wear of the components is also different – someone needs to go through MOT much earlier, and someone after 10 thousand. And, according to the company, already in the pilot version of the program, half of the owners of Taycan electric cars agreed to collect data and analyze them, so the technology was in demand even before the full release.

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