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Porto Alegre: police reinforce patrols in flooded areas to prevent theft

Amid the floods that are ravaging Rio Grande do Sul, police authorities are intensifying patrols in flooded areas to prevent theft and robberies in abandoned properties.

With many homes and businesses unoccupied due to flooding, criminals have taken advantage of the opportunity to commit crimes, invading and looting empty properties.

To combat this wave of crimes, the police are carrying out night patrols on vessels such as boats and jetskis, in addition to using firearms. Agents inspect abandoned houses and commercial establishments, seeking to detain potential targets of criminals. See the video above.

“With the presence of patrols on board, the overt policing will reduce the issue of thefts and robberies that were occurring. So there is this reduction in police presence in these difficult-to-access areas,” declared a spokesperson for the authorities.

The floods that hit the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre brought a series of damages and challenges, and the police presence aims to guarantee the safety of residents and properties in this time of crisis.

(With information from Reuters)

Source: CNN Brasil

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