Positive momentum … continuity in European stock markets

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The main European stock indices are moving up on Monday, continuing the positive momentum with which they finished last week.

On the board, the pan-European index Stoxx 600 strengthened by 0.66% with the core resource sector jumping 2.9%, leading profits, while all key sectors and stock markets are moving in positive territory. The other European index, EuroStoxx 50with the “heavyweights” of the eurozone, gaining 1.11%.

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The German DAX records an increase of 1.26%, the French CAC 40 strengthened by 0.79%, while the British FTSE 100 records gains of 0.75%.

In the periphery, the Italian FTSE MIB marks an increase of 0.84%, while the Spanish IBEX 35 gains 0.56%.

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On Friday, the pan-European index closed with a rise of 2.6%, recording its best performance in over three months.

Despite the positive movement of the indices, however, last week was marked by high volatility, as investors proceed to assess the risks of rising inflation and the fear of an impending recession.

Central banks around the world have already taken steps to control galloping inflation, with energy and food costs soaring, largely due to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

The prospect of even more aggressive moves in the field of monetary policy with rising interest rates is combined with fears of a recession due to rising money costs, which was not ruled out at all by the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, the previous week, speaking in the US Federal Congress. As he specifically noted, the recession “is possible”.

On Monday, investors will, among other things, look to the summit of the leaders of the 7 traditional industrialized countries in Germany (G7). US President Joe Biden, along with the leaders of Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Japan, have been meeting for three days since Sunday, with the war in Ukraine and global economic developments at the top of the agenda.

While the G7 was meeting on German soil, the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, was hit by Russian missiles, months after the Russian army withdrew from there to focus on eastern Ukraine, where the Russians have made significant territorial gains. last weeks.

Source: Capital

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