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Post Malone falls into hole during concert and hurts ribs

the rapper Post Malone suffered a fall and injured his ribs this Saturday (18) when he fell through a stage opening during his performance in St. Louis, according to his manager.

“Thank you all for all your get well wishes! @postmalone didn’t break 3 ribs last night [sic] thank God,” wrote the rapper’s manager, Dre London , on Instagram on Sunday. “We took X-rays at the hospital after the show and they showed that he had injured his ribs!”

Post Malone was performing at the Enterprise Center in downtown St. Louis when he fell.

One of the fans in the audience, Tana Cantrell, told CNN that the accident happened about an hour after her performance.

“At the moment, from my angle, it looked like he just passed out on stage,” he said. “You could see on his face and body how much pain he was in and that’s when I knew this was serious. His legs were shaking in pain.”

“From other angles you could see there was a hole in the stage that he had fallen through when they put down his guitar and couldn’t get the floor back in time,” he added.

After about 10 minutes, Post Malone got up with the help of others and took a break. Once he got back on stage, he apologized repeatedly before ending the show, Cantrell said.

Dre London praised the rapper for ending the show “in true Posty style”.

“I don’t really know any artist like him,” the Instagram post continued.

On Sunday, the rapper apologized and thanked fans in St. Louis in a video also posted to Dre London’s Instagram. He confirmed Tana Cantrell’s report that she fell into a hole that was supposed to contain her guitar stand.

“We just got back from the hospital and everything is fine,” Post Malone said in the video. “They gave me some painkillers and everything so we can keep rocking the tour.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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