Posthumous album and DVD by Elza Soares is released this Friday (13)

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The last musical record in life by singer Elza Soares was released this Friday (13). The posthumous album and DVD “Elza Ao Vivo no Municipal” is available on all streaming platforms.

Recorded at the Municipal Theater a few days before the singer’s death, in January of this year, Elza sang 15 songs “that tell passages of her life and how she saw the world at 91”, writes the release of the work.

The date chosen for the launch, May 13, marks the day of old black in Umbanda and is also marked by the “National Day of Denunciation Against Racism”, as it coincides with the date of the formal abolition of slavery in 1888.

“It was a day when Elza used to gather her friends and cook them a special bean”, remembers the artist’s manager, Pedro Loureiro.

The initial intention was to record this performance by Elza at Morro da Urca, in Rio de Janeiro, in 2020, but the plans changed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“When things slowed down, coincidentally we were already on the 100th anniversary of the Modern Art Week. What’s more modern 100 years later? A woman, black, peripheral, who suffered abuse and glory, reaching the age of 91 as queen in the Municipal Theater of São Paulo! That’s how the DVD began to be thought of!”, said Loureiro, in a statement released to the press.

Dressed as a queen, “whose crown is a turban”, Elza fills the stage at Theatro Municipal in a performance accompanied by two backing vocals.

“I’m going to get involved in a way that no one will ever take me away again!”, said Elza during the presentation.

The singer wore three costumes for the recording. A first, golden, in reference to the gold-covered Queen Oshun, explained the production. The second is entirely white because it is “the color that absorbs and spreads all the others”. The third is highlighted by a turban that goes from Elza’s head to the top of the Theater, “like an astral connection”, said her manager.

The artistic director of the album and DVD, Allex Colontonio, pointed out that the work does not bring together the main classics of Elza’s career, “because then we would certainly reach more than 150 songs”.

“These are songs that tell stories of her life and how she saw the world at 91. At first, the repertoire would have 22 songs from all stages of her career, but a selection of 15 was reached,” she explained.

Check out the tracklist of “Elza Ao Vivo no Municipal”:

  • My Guri (Chico Buarque)
  • Lasts in the Fall (Chico Buarque)
  • O Morro (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Billy Blanco)
  • Water Can (Antonio de Padua Vieira Costa / Joaquim Antonio Candeias Junior)
  • General Behavior (Gonzaguinha)
  • If You Could Arrive (Felisberto Martins / Lupicínio Rodrigues)
  • South Zone Balance (Tito Madi)
  • Trickster (Jotabe / Jorge Aragão)
  • A Carne (Seu Jorge / Ulisses Cappelletti / Marcelo Yuka)
  • Volta Above (Paulo Vanzolini)
  • Maria da Vila Matilde (Douglas Germano)
  • Jumped Band (Rodrix / Luiz Carlos Sá)
  • Save the Youth (Luiz Reis)
  • Bath (Tulipa Ruiz)
  • Woman at the End of the World (Alice Coutinho / Romulo Froes)

Source: CNN Brasil

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