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Power is 95% restored in Ecuador after a nationwide outage

Power has been restored “by 95%” in Ecuador, following a “national-scale” blackout in the region, Energy Minister Roberto Luque announced via X late afternoon. “At 18:41 (local time; 02:41 Greek time) the situation was as follows: at the national level, 95% of the energy (3,500 MW) has been restored,” the minister stressed. The subway was paralyzed, necessitating the hasty evacuation of thousands of passengers. City officials were rushed to patrol intersections amid traffic chaos as the traffic light system was also shut down. The power outage took Ecuadorians by storm, especially residents of the capital Quito and subway passengers, at around 15:20 (local time; 23:20 Greek time). Electricity began to be restored gradually, in one district after another, an hour after the failure, at least in Quito, a city of about three million inhabitants, AFP journalists found. Traffic chaos also prevailed in Guayaquil, a large port on the Pacific coast, he reported […]
Source: News Beast

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