Power Pass: Clarifications from the Ministry. Digital Governance for platform malfunctions

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Regarding the Power Pass platform for financial assistance to household consumers, which in some cases had malfunctions, the Ministry of Digital Government clarified that “citizens who submitted the Power Pass declaration and then submitted their tax return, had to submit re-declare the Power Pass only in cases where they have changed their home address on the tax return and re-identified on the Power Pass “.

As emphasized in the instructions issued by the ministry to the citizens, the change of address must precede the application for financial support and takes place on the website: https://www1.aade.gr/saadeapps3/powerpass/katoikia

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The message that appears to those who did the above actions is “the details of the main residence have been changed so that the status of your application changes and its submission is pending. Please confirm the details of your application and proceed using it using the button Submit Application below “.

The instructions for submitting the Power Pass application on the vouchers.gov.gr platform are as follows:

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1. The citizen enters the platform with his codes in Taxisnet and confirms that his data (name, TIN, year of birth) displayed are correct.

2. The citizen is asked to choose whether he wants to apply for himself or for a protected member of his family.

The screen shows the details of the main residence per month (address and supply number). The beneficiary can: A. either confirm them, B. or modify them through the “Main Residence Declaration for Power Pass” platform (https://www1.aade.gr/saadeapps3/powerpass/katoikia).

Specifically, the citizen can be transferred to the AADE platform through vouchers.gov.gr, by clicking on the relevant field that appears below the details of the first residence. The data declared on the AADE platform are registered immediately. Thus, after the beneficiary fills in the correct details of the first residence, he can return to the Power Pass platform and complete his application.

The operation of the platform is very simple, as you only need the citizen codes in Taxisnet and the IBAN of the account in which the citizen wishes the credit to be credited.

By clicking “Submit”, the citizen completes the application process.

Source: Capital

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