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Powerful amplifiers for space communications are being created in Russia. They are needed for the Internet, including

Roselectronics holding, which is part of the state corporation Rostec, has begun developing high-power traveling-wave lamps for terrestrial space communication systems. This should provide wide access to high-speed Internet, digital TV broadcasting and mobile communications throughout the country. It is expected that prototype devices will be ready in 2024, at the same time their testing will begin.

Traveling wave tubes are an important element of satellite ground stations. They are able to amplify the signal power hundreds of thousands of times, which in turn allows you to increase the distance of radio signal delivery. In addition, these devices have a long service life. Ruselectronics intends to create two types of lamps – C- and Ku-bands with air cooling and an output power of up to 700 watts. In the future, it is planned to develop more powerful devices based on the first samples that can operate in adjacent ranges.

Mikhail Apin, CEO of NPP Almaz, which is directly involved in the development, said that traveling wave tubes with increased power are necessary for high-quality space communications. This connection will be provided by a high-tech infrastructure (communication satellites and ground stations), which is planned to be created as part of the Digital Russia project. Serial production of lamps will start in 2025.

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