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Prates appoints five new names for the executive board of Petrobras

Prates appoints five new names for the executive board of Petrobras

The new president of Petrobras, Jean Paul Prates, communicated, in a relevant fact to the market, that he appointed five new members to the executive board of the state-owned company. According to the document, nominations will be submitted to internal corporate governance procedures, “including the respective compliance and integrity analyzes necessary for the company’s succession process.”

The analyzes will then be forwarded for evaluation by the Personnel Committee, for subsequent deliberation by the Board of Directors, says the Material Fact.

The indications were:

  • Cláudio Schlosser – Commercialization and Logistics
  • Carlos Travassos – Production Development
  • Joelson Falcão – Exploration and Production
  • William França – Refining and Natural Gas
  • Carlos Augusto Barreto – Digital Transformation and Innovation

The economics analyst at CNN Raquel Landim anticipated some of the names last Tuesday (31), and that team mixes technical names, coming from the company’s staff, and executives that Prates trusts.

new command

Jean Paul Prates was elected president of Petrobras by the state-owned company’s Board of Directors on January 26. To occupy the role, he resigned as senator for Rio Grande do Norte a week before the end of his term.

This had been one of the determinations of Petrobras’ compliance department, which also recommended that Prates be removed from private companies, which was also done.

In his first speech as president of the largest Brazilian company, Prates pointed out that he wants Petrobras to grow and play the role of “a locomotive for the development of Brazil”. He defends the acceleration of “profitable diversification and fair energy transition” and that the company “invest more and better in its refining park”.

*With information from Pedro Duran of CNN

Source: CNN Brasil