Pre-selected candidates for Fies must complete their registration this Friday (17)

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Candidates who were pre-selected in the single call from the Student Financing Fund (Fies) must complete the registration information by this Friday (17), at Single Access Portal for Higher Education.

This is one of the stages of the student selection process for contracting public funding for tuition at private colleges.

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After completing the registration, it is necessary to validate the declared information within five working days. Candidates must directly contact the higher education institution where they were pre-selected.

The Permanent Commission for Supervision and Follow-up of the institution will inform the student about how he wants to receive the documentation required to validate the information, whether in physical or digital format.

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Subsequently, the student must go to the bank to contract financing, observing the deadlines defined in the Fies public notice.

What is Fies

Created in 2001, the Ministry of Education’s program aims to grant funding to students at private colleges, with positive analysis in the National Higher Education Assessment System (Sinaes), and who joined the program.

According to the 2023 Fies notice, students seeking funding must have a family income of up to three minimum wages per person. The financing conditions also depend mainly on this family income. To calculate the per capita value, it is necessary to add the gross income of all family members and divide by the total number of people belonging to that group.

The student whose studies are financed by Fies only starts to pay the debt contracted after he graduates, in the form of the contract. The installment due will be deducted directly from the formal source of employment. If not yet employed, the student will be able to pay the monthly installments equivalent to the minimum payment required in the financing.

Throughout the course, the student must pay only the percentage of the monthly fee not included in the financing, in addition to operating costs of the contract and life insurance.

(*Published by Douglas Porto with information from Agência Brasil)

Source: CNN Brasil

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