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President of Peru targeted by attorney general for death of protesters

Peru’s attorney general, Patricia Benavides, filed a constitutional complaint this Monday (27) against the country’s president, Dina Boluarte, due to the deaths of protesters during months of street unrest last year.

This is the first accusation, in Congress, by the attorney general’s office against the president, after almost a year of investigations.

Benavides also fired on Monday a member of her anti-corruption team who was investigating herself.

In a speech on TV, the attorney general said she rejected the investigations against her, which attempt to “destabilize the independence of the powers”.

His office had announced in January the launch of an investigation against Boluarte and members of his ministry on charges of “genocide, qualified homicide and serious injuries”.

At least 40 people died during violent clashes between December 2022 and the beginning of this year. Hundreds were injured.

Boluarte called the complaint against her presented by Benavides before Congress a “political maneuver.”

“We express our condemnation of such a despicable political maneuver that, by unduly using the memory of deceased patriots, attempts to divert attention from a very serious accusation against the country’s own prosecutor,” said Boluarte in a televised speech together with his entire cabinet of ministers. .

If Congress accepts the accusation, the attorney general’s action could result in Boluarte’s impeachment.

“The death of any Peruvian soldier should not be allowed, nor should the abuse of power. It should not be allowed to try to harm the image of honest prosecutors,” said Benavides in his speech.

Source: CNN Brasil

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