President Rohani welcomes new chapter in Iran nuclear talks

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The Iranian president welcomed the opening of “a new chapter” the day after the start of talks in Vienna between Tehran and the international community in an effort to salvage the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. Hassan Rohani.

This agreement, which was reached in the Austrian capital in 2015, is on the verge of collapse after the United States unilaterally withdrew from it under the presidency of Donald Trump in 2018.

Responding to their departure USA, which led to a flood of US and financial sanctions against the Islamic Republic, Tehran began to violate most of the critical commitments it had made in Vienna, according to AMPE.

The talks in Vienna are aimed at finding a way to reintegrate the United States into the agreement and bring Tehran back to strict implementation of the text.

As Tehran refused any direct meetings with Washington, these talks took place on the one hand between the countries that remain part of the agreement (Iran and the 4 + 1 countries: China, France, Britain, Russia and Germany, as well as and the EU, guarantor of the agreement) and on the other between Europeans and Americans.

“A new chapter just opened yesterday” Rohani said during a speech to the cabinet.

“If (Washington) shows seriousness and honesty – all this we ask (…) I believe we will be able to negotiate in a short time, if necessary, with the 4 + 1,” added the Iranian president, for whom “the US can to be released (from their obligations) without negotiations ”.

On the part of Iran, the EU and the 4 + 1, two teams of experts – one on sanctions, the other on the nuclear program – began working yesterday, Tuesday, to draw up a roadmap.

The process could take “15 days, a month, we do not know”, according to a European diplomat who was asked by AFP.

Last night, Iran and the United States each assessed the first day’s talks as “constructive.”

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