16 romantic series that you can enjoy on Netflix

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The perfect romance can have all kinds of stories, from an innocent and tender relationship to a passionate encounter between two people who are dying to be together.

So if you bring that mood to enjoy a story full of intense scenes, entertaining characters and moments full of all the love that the poison never gave you, we recommend these 16 series that you can see on Netflix.

1. Three meters over the sky

Three meters over the sky

Inspired by Federico Moccia’s books. This series focuses on Summer, who dreams of leaving her small town and traveling the world, while meeting the handsome Ale, a motorcyclist who could change her way of seeing life.

2. Sex Education

Sex Education

Otis, a withdrawn teenager, virgin and with a lot of knowledge about sex, starts a small business with Maeve and her best friend Eric, to give advice and sex therapy to his high school classmates.

3. Bridgerton


During the Regency Period in England, eight members of the powerful and millionaire Bridgerton family try to find love. Daphne, the sister old enough to marry, meets the mysterious Simon, Duke of Hastings.

4. Once upon a second time

Once upon a second time

Vincent Dauda is still reeling from a breakup when he receives a package with mysterious properties that could give him the opportunity he has long awaited: get back with his ex, Louise, and put everything that went wrong in their relationship in order.

5. Valeria


While going through a severe marital and professional crisis, Valeria, a young writer with writer’s block, finds comfort in her three best friends. But when she meets the charming Victor, things get complicated.

6. Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris

Emily Cooper, a young executive from marketing in Chicago, she is hired to give an American perspective to a partner company in Paris. In a new city, without friends or culture, Emily becomes entangled with her handsome neighbor, Gabriel.

7. Lovesick


Dylan, a romantic in his twenties, shares an apartment with Evie and Luke. As they each go about their lives, Dylan realizes that perhaps he could be falling in love with his best friend.

8. Love and anarchy

Love and anarchy

A married consultant and a young IT technician challenge each other to commit a series of activities that defy social norms in a game that could lead them to cross more than one line and put their personal lives at risk.

9. Dilemma


Lisa, a scientific researcher, discovers a way to save millions of lives, but her project needs investment. Anne, a woman with power and money, offers him the resources in exchange for one thing: spending a night alone with her husband.

10. Outlander


After serving as a nurse during World War II, Claire Randall travels to Scotland with her husband. But during an unexpected moment, she is transported to the year 1743, where she meets the young Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser.

11. Elite


When three low-income young people enter a prestigious private school in Spain, the shock and unexpected relationships between them and the millionaire students within the institute will lead to an unexpected end.

12. Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin

Jane Villanueva’s life takes an unexpected turn when, by accident, she is artificially inseminated. But things get even more complicated when he discovers that the donor is his millionaire boss, who also used to be his old crush.

13. Ginny and Georgia

Ginny and Georgia

Ginny, a bright young teenager, travels to a small town in New England with her mother Georgia and her brother Austin, and they try to settle down after years of moving across the country.

14. Wanderlust


Therapist Joy Richards seeks to keep the spark in her marriage to Alan. But as her family, friends, neighbors, and clients live their lives, stories of love, passion, and forbidden desire begin to emerge.

15. Bonding


Tiff is a student from New York who secretly works as a dominatrix. For her, her peculiar job is only a business. But when he meets his old friend Pete, the two begin to rediscover each other while working together.

16. Cable girls

Cable girls

It is 1920 and Spain has opened its first telephone company. For four women, Alba, Carlota, Marga and Ángeles, it is the perfect opportunity to start living for themselves and demonstrate their own worth.

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