Leone and the «jealousy» in the Ferragnez house: «A kiss to the little sister? I’ve already given it to him “

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The main rule of “LOL», the new game show by Prime Video hosted by Fedez, prohibits competitors from laughing, penalty elimination from the game. Here, you would probably risk one general disqualification if he went up on stage Leone and staged his funny – how understandable – “jealousy»Against the little sister Vittoria, the latest arrival in the home of the rapper and Chiara Ferragni.

«This video will make you melt the heart»Wrote Fedez in his story, bringing the pram with the baby girl. “Do you know what Vittoria told me? Who would like a basin at your place”. Leo, however, immediately leaves, taking refuge in the opposite side of the living room: «Me I already gave it to him“. “I understand, but if you give him another you don’t consume yourself“. Nothing to do: “No, my little hand hurts».

The gag continues in bedroom, the ironic caption this time is “love is in the air»: «L‘I already said goodbye when she arrived»Snorts Leo looking at the door. “A basin, come on, only one basin“. “Okay, but with handIs the hilarious compromise, which has already become a meme on social media. In fact, in a few hours, the hashtag #Leone has risen among the trend topics of Twitter, thanks precisely to the “jealousy” curtains.

He who was for three years only child, concentrating on oneself i family spotlight, today he has to share with his little sister the attentions from mum Chiara and dad Federico: “Sincere smile»Is the caption used by the singer for the image in which Leone holds Vittoria in her arms while sleeping. “Tell me you’re jealous, without telling me that you are jealous“Is the apt comment of the aunt, Valentina Ferragni.

Time to take the picture, to smile in front of the lens, then Leone pronounces: «Perfect, now though we put it back in the stroller“. If it were a competitor of «LOL», Would aim for victory: watching his videos without laughing is practically impossible.

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