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Price of a liter of gasoline fell 7.23% at the end of September, says Ticket Log

Price of a liter of gasoline fell 7.23% at the end of September, says Ticket Log

A Ticket Log survey shows that the price of a liter of gasoline ended September at R$ 5.33, a value 7.23% lower compared to the closing of August, while ethanol was 10.98% cheaper and ended the period at R$ $4.41.

“Added together, the reductions that have taken place since July in the price of gasoline represent 18% savings for Brazilian drivers. In comparison with a year ago, the average reduction in the country for this fuel reaches 15%. Ethanol, which has been dropping in price since June, has already registered an accumulated decline of 26%, and 18% compared to September 2021, according to the latest Ticket Log survey”, highlights Douglas Pina, director general of Ethanol. Mainstream of Edenred Brasil’s Fleet and Mobility Division.

Regarding the behavior by region, the South registered the cheapest gasoline in the country, sold at R$ 5.05, however, the most expressive drop, in relation to August, was identified at the gas stations in the Southeast, where the value of the fuel fell by 8.07% from R$5.59 to R$5.13. The cheapest ethanol, on the other hand, was found at supply pumps in the Midwest, at R$ 3.71, and also with the greatest reduction among the regions, of 14.14%.

In the analysis by state, the IPTL identified that Rio Grande do Norte had the most significant decrease compared to the previous month for gasoline, 9.58%, which went from R$ 5.72 to R$ 5.17.

Rio Grande do Sul took the place of Goiás at the beginning of September and registered the lowest average price for gasoline at the end of the month, which was found at R$ 4.93. Roraima sold this fuel at the most expensive average, at R$ 6.11.

Paraíba registered the biggest reduction in the price of a liter of ethanol, of 18.59%, compared to August, and closed September at R$ 4.06. The lowest average for this fuel was found in Mato Grosso, at R$ 3.37, with a drop of 15.19%. As for gasoline, Roraima also registered the most expensive average for ethanol, which was sold at R$5.64.

In the period, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso and Goiás presented ethanol as the most advantageous fuel for supply.

The IPTL is an index of fuel prices based on refueling carried out at 21,000 Ticket Log accredited stations, which is highly reliable, due to the number of vehicles managed by the brand: 1 million in total, with an average of eight transactions per second.

Source: CNN Brasil



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