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Prince Harry, birthday in the pub with sausages (and Meghan Markle)

The Prince Harry he seems like someone who likes to plan ahead, at least when it comes to his birthday. Thirty-nine candles the September 15ththe king’s second son Charles III and of Lady Diana he celebrated a few hours earlier in a beer hall in Düsseldorf, together with his wife Meghan Markle and the staff of the Archewell Foundation.

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At the Schumacher Brewery the group ate traditional food, sausages, frankfurters and mashed potatoes, accompanied by the inevitable beer. Six small pints for the prince and one for the wife. «Adorable», the staff of the restaurant called them al Daily Mailan opinion also favored by “big tip” to the staff who served the tables. The other guests were asked not to take photos, but opinions are unanimous: Harry was delighted and thrilled, even more so at the end of the evening, when the cake arrived.

Harry and Meghan in Düsseldorf ©Getty Images.

Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images

The only photo available shows Harry together with Meghan, the owner of the brewery, Thea Ungermann, and the head waiter Franck Wachers, who has worked at the Schumacher Brewery for 38 years.

Meghan Markle and Harry together again for the Invictus Games
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Harry arrived in Germany last week, after a stop in Windsor to visit the tomb of Queen Elizabeth II a year after her death. Meghan, however, joined him a few days later. «I was a little late to the party», his first words. From that moment on it was a triumph for the Dukes of Sussex, with shots holding hands, smiles and a complicity that pulverizes every rumor of a crisis, which has always been more imagined by gossip than real.

Always together, meanwhile, they prepare for the grand finale of the Invictus, which will be on Saturday 16 September; as well as on the competing athletes, there is no doubt, all the attention will be on them.

Source: Vanity Fair

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