Princess Charlène’s parents move to Monaco to help her recover

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Charlène llega a la catedral de Mónaco para la misa del Día Nacional. Gtres

Charlene de Monaco she is visibly healed. She certainly is much better off than she was when she returned from South Africa a little over a year ago after months of ongoing health complications. She herself recently stated in an interview with the local newspaper Monk Matin to feel “much better than in recent years”.

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“I feel less pain and a lot more energy,” even as I continue to recover, “rebalancing,” which will take some time, she said. In the same interview you confessed that “my family and loved ones are my rock”, to which she always turns when the body or mind are weak. She did not mention the names of the people who do her so much good alongside her, although it has been assumed that she was referring to her husband, the Prince Albert and his twins, i princes Jacques and Gabriellaand the brother Gareth Wittstock, who has lived in Monaco since Charlène became a princess after her marriage to Albert. It is in the principality that Gareth met Roisin Galvinhis wife and mother of his two children.

What we didn’t know until now is that his parents also moved to Munich. Second Gala and the Daily Mail the former swimmer’s parents have left South Africa, where her brother Sean is, to be closer to their daughter and support her in her journey to complete recovery from an unclear ailment, apart from the ear, nose and throat infection that forced her to undergo several surgeries. The former swimmer’s parents have left South Africa, where her brother Sean is, to be closer to their daughter and to support her in her journey to complete recovery from a disorder which, in addition to ear, nose and throat that forced her to undergo surgery several times and prevented her from flying and returning to Munich with her family, with a profound tiredness that she still carries with her.

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The fathers of the princesa Charlène, Michael Wittstock and Lynette Humberstone, on the balcony of the palacio de Mónaco tras la boda civil de su hija con el príncipe Alberto.VALERY HACHE/Getty Images

During those months in South Africa she was close to her parents and now they are making the reverse journey, from Johannesburg to Munich. Lynette Humberstone and Mike Wittstock they would have moved to La Turbie, a locality located between Charlène’s residence in Monaco and Roc Agel, the family’s summer palace where the princess took refuge at the beginning of her convalescence. Being just a short drive from her means they can see each other regularly, to have breakfast in their Monegasque refuge or elsewhere, away from the spotlight. Because Charlène’s parents, for the moment, have not participated in any social event that accompanied the princess.

Being together makes her “feel safe and reminds her of the much more carefree life she enjoyed in South Africa before becoming Princess of Monaco,” explains the Daily Mail citing a source close to real monaco. It is also said that one catholic faith increasingly loud is helping the princess overcome her difficulties.

Source: Vanity Fair

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