Princess Diana: ‘She intended to move to the US, without her sons, to protect them’

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On the 25th anniversary of her death Princess Diana, a royal bodyguard he talks about his protection and friendship with the most famous woman in the world, as well as bonding with her young princes sons – Harry and William – and details the night Diana died. As the bodyguard argues, before the tragic accident who ended her life so prematurely, the princess Diana was planning to move in the USA without her sons.

Coincidentally, Sansum was not in the car of Diana on the night of the accident.

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In his memoirs entitled “Protecting Diana: A Bodyguard’s Story”, Lee Sansum claims that the princess was preparing to reveal to paparazzi her plans to move to the United States in an attempt to protect William and Harry from the press while she was on holiday with her boyfriend; Dodi Al Fayed in Saint Tropez in July 1997.

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The family resided in luxury yacht of the businessman and paparazzi formed a cordon around the boat every day, according to Sansom, who looked after the royals during the duration of their journey.

The journalists were her great suffering everywhere, not only in Saint-Tropez writes o Sansum in his book. According to him, Diana had told him that “he can no longer do anything in the United Kingdom» since the press attacks her every step of the way. “I want to go to the US and live there to get away from all these. At least in America they like me and will let me quiet,” Princess Diana allegedly told him.

Sansum asked Diana if she would take them with her sons her, and she explained to him that she would not were ever allowed to keep the boys away from their royal duties. “If I move, I’ll probably only be able to see them on school holidays» Diana reportedly told her bodyguard.

“It was obvious that Diana was one wonderful mother, very affectionate and tender with her two boys. But as things turned out, she might need to leave her sons back in the UK to escape the press that relentlessly hounded her every day. She would also do it to free them from the attention they attracted when they were with her.” Sansum wrote in his book.

A few days after their arrival at Saint Tropez, Diana announced that she was going to tell reporters that she was leaving the UK permanently. “I was worried because the crowd of pararacis was already huge and would probably increase tenfold if he gave them such a big news” her bodyguard stated.

In the end, though, despite making statements to the press that day, she ultimately said nothing about her alleged plans, much to the relief of her bodyguard at the time. A few days later, the beloved princess of the whole world met a tragic death.

Source: News Beast

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