Private schools will not require vaccination of children, says federation

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After the approval of the vaccination against Covid-19 of children aged 5 to 11 years by Anvisa and the dissemination of the planning for the distribution of pediatric doses by the Ministry of Health, the expectation for the beginning of childhood immunization in the country grows. However, the National Federation of Private Schools (Fenep) will not adopt the vaccine as a condition for returning to face-to-face classes.

In an interview with CNN this Tuesday (11), the president of Fenep, Bruno Eizerik, defended the vaccination of children and said that the Federation guided the associated unions to encourage families to immunize their children. However, Eizerik said that “we understand and respect those families who understand that vaccination does not have to be done.”

The president of Fenep understands that the competence on the requirement of proof of vaccination is up to state and municipal governments. “Fenep defends the vaccination not only of our children, but of all adults, and the issue of vaccine requirements will depend much more on state and municipal governments,” he said.

Eizerik stressed that “all teachers and staff have already taken the two doses of the vaccine and the booster”, and that last year face-to-face classes were resumed without students being immunized against Covid-19. The president of the Federation considers that the most important thing is “that we cannot have our schools closed”.

“I make a request to the general population to take the doses, to continue wearing the mask, to avoid agglomeration and use gel alcohol so that we can, now in February and March, have face-to-face classes”, he said.

The president reinforced that the National Federation of Private Schools understands that classes “must restart in person with children vaccinated or not” and that “it is important that children get the vaccine, but this cannot be seen as a condition for returning to school. to face-to-face classes”.

Security measures for the start of the school year

In addition to the decision on the vaccine passport, Eizerik considers that states and municipalities will be responsible for adopting the procedures that must be followed in schools.

He said that distancing between children, temperature measurement, use of mask and alcohol gel are valid measures that will be taken by the respective state and municipal governments.

“Only those who can demand a health passport are state or municipal governments, on the part of private schools we do not have this indicator”, he said.

According to the president of Fenep, the school year will start without the children being vaccinated, but that gradually, this age group will be immunized. “It is not the vaccine in our children that makes the school safe, we have not had any focus of Covid in private schools throughout Brazil”, concluded Eizerik.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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