Procession with Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin heads to St Giles Cathedral

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the death of queen elizabeth II began a period of mourning that will culminate in a grand state funeral on September 19, in honor of his life of unwavering devotion and service.

This Monday (12), the Queen’s coffin heads to St Giles Cathedral for a service of prayer and reflection attended by King Charles III and the Queen Consort and members of the royal family. There will be a congregation made up “from all areas of Scottish society”, according to a palace official.

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The coffin will rest there for 24 hours to allow the Scottish public to see it, in a tradition known as a wake in the state.

After the service, the King will return to Holyrood, where he will have an audience with Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, followed by a meeting with the Speaker of the Scottish Parliament. Charles, accompanied by the Queen Consort, will later go to the Scottish Parliament to receive a motion of condolence.

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In the evening, at 7:20 pm (1:20 pm ET), the king and members of the royal family will mount their own guard – or vigil – of the queen’s coffin.

Source: CNN Brasil

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