Promise of fast delivery changes the profile of problems at the start of Black Friday

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The main reason for complaints in the early hours of Black Friday 2021 is “delayed delivery”. This movement started in 2020, but has grown this year. Reclame Aqui, a platform that receives notifications about consumer issues, analyzed the Thursdays of the 2019 and 2020 editions to compare with 2021.

According to the portal’s study, from 12 am to 5 pm this Thursday (25), 210 complaints have already been received about the delivery of products. A 162% increase on the eve of the promotion.

Regarding general complaints, from the beginning of the Complain Here monitoring, at noon on Wednesday (24) until 17:00 this Thursday, Black Friday 2021 already registers 41.4% more complaints compared to to the same period as the last edition.

So far, consumers have registered 4,387 complaints about this year’s Black Friday on the Reclame Aqui website.

Felipe Paniago, CMO at Reclame Aqui, warns that it is necessary to be aware of the promises of very short deadlines for the delivery of products.

“Record every step of your purchase process and save all emails sent by the store to make sure the delivery deadline will be met and ensure you have ways to make an exchange, if necessary, or charge the company for the product”, he commented.

new term pattern

According to the complaints portal, the history of Black Friday in Brazil had a pattern, which began to be broken in 2020. The delay in delivery began to be identified as the main problem only in the days and weeks following the promotion, when consumers communicated that they did not had received the products within the promised time.

On the Friday of promotion and the two days before, the main complaints were more related to misleading advertising, problems with payment or availability of products. “Everything started to change with the promise of more aggressive deadlines”, says Paniago.

In cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, large online retailers now offer next-day delivery, then same-day delivery, and finally within a few hours of shopping.

The new standard of delivery time has become one of the ways in which virtual stores try to maintain themselves as an alternative for quick purchases, even competing with physical stores.

“This movement accelerated last year, a predominantly virtual Black Friday, in a period of still tight restrictions on physical commerce due to the pandemic. But this year there was another significant increase, even with the reopening of street stores and malls”, says Reclame Aqui in a statement sent to CNN Brasil Business.

Complain here also reinforces that one of the factors that contribute to the reduction of the delivery time promised by online stores is the very change in the types of products that started to be offered with discounts on Black Friday.

The portal understands that due to high inflation and the income of smaller Brazilians, consumer products such as soap, diapers and even grocery items, such as rice and beans, are on the offer pages of large online stores.

“These are types of products that supermarkets used to deliver on the same day. But even small electronics, such as cell phones, are being sold with promised delivery in up to three hours in the capital of São Paulo”, states the portal.

Larger electronics, such as TV sets, are being sold for next-day delivery.

How long will it take?

This afternoon, Reclame Aqui simulated some purchases on large e-commerce sites to understand if the consumer has been “fed” with expectations of having the desired product so quickly.

Purchases were simulated at Mercado Livre, Americanas and Magalu. At Americanas, the delivery of liquid soap would take 3 hours to arrive at the home of a consumer who lives in the central area of ​​São Paulo.

A cell phone in Mercado Livre, if purchased within a stipulated period at the time of purchase, the product could arrive this Friday.

On the Americanas website, the same cell phone, if purchased within a stipulated period, could reach the consumer’s home in 3 hours.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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