Propaganda by Yeni φάafak: Will Western Thrace act as a military base against Turkey?

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In the fall, just a few hours after unfounded threats and sophistry of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with an article that wants to feed the monster of external threat in favor of the dissolved acceptance of the Turkish president and going beyond the limits of paranoia, the Turkish pro-Erdogan newspaper Yeni Şafak, “analyzes” the deployment of American forces in Alexandroupolis.

The columnist, as whenever the Turkish president is in need, wonders “What is the purpose of the US military build-up in Alexandroupolis? Will Western Thrace act as a military base against Turkey?”

“The U.S. military has turned Alexandroupolis, 20 kilometers from the Turkish border, into a military outpost. It is now adding another 1,000 tankers and armored vehicles, as well as 120 assault helicopters and 3,000 troops to the initial 400 armed vehicles deployed there in July.

“This military accumulation is done for the protection of Greece? If so, then by whom?”, Asks the Yeni Şafak columnist, leaving aside the Turkish Aegean army, but also the events, a year and a half ago, with the raid on Evros.

“Similar to the front they created in northern Syria, they are creating a front in the west, in Greece, a ‘Turkish front’ this time? Similar to the global anti-Turkish alliance they created in the Eastern Mediterranean, arming themselves in the Aegean islands and “missile bases formed on our shores, is Western Thrace also turning into a front against our nation and our country?” The US strengthened the Kurds near the Turkish border, in order to harm Turkey, which reacted.

“Is it against the Russian threat? Where is Russia in all this?” Is the second question, which seeks to press the anti-Russian sentiment of a small portion of Turkish voters and, above all, to call for a Russian show of friendship and support.

“Is this military build-up aimed at launching an attack on Turkey? If so, then why?” of an innocent victim.

“Is it intended to provide ‘foreign military aid’ during an ‘internal operation’ in Turkey similar to that of 15 July?” And, as usual, the “candy” of the internal enemy, which in recent years has been portrayed in the face of Fethullah Gulen, whose alleged failed coup was unofficially supported by the “bad” US.

“History has taught us a lot. World War I served as a valuable lesson, as did the War of Independence,” the article said, wanting to liken Erdogan’s “heroic” resistance to any enemy to Kemal’s resistance to the enemy. about 100 years old, which tried a few hours ago to make himself the Turkish president.

Finally the columnist repeats the Erdogan threat based on the logic of skillful neutral: “Turkey will be led to a fatal choice. They will escalate tensions in the Black Sea to such an extent that Turkey will be forced to choose between” the West “and” Russia “.

“The accumulation in Alexandroupolis is the most critical stage of the Western front against Turkey. Having a long and painful history with the West for centuries, Turkey will correctly interpret this move of the West, which divided a great empire and intervened deeply in the remnants of its remains “.

In closing, Yeni Şafak’s columnist called on Erdogan’s undecided voters: “Stand by Turkey. Look at everything from Turkey’s point of view. Turkey is more than Turkey, it is the whole region.”

Petros Kranias


Source From: Capital

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