Protergia Charge: The future of energy and electricity has already reached the Municipality of Athens

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The largest network of publicly accessible chargers in Greece, with 25 recharging points, is created by Protergia, the Electricity & Natural Gas Department of MYTILINEOS, participating in the program of the Municipality of Athens “Adopt your city”.

At these points, users of hybrid and electric vehicles can charge their cars. These chargers are available in 16 different areas, covering all 7 Municipal Communities of the city:
– 22 Liosion, in Vathis square
– Skoufa 13, in Kolonaki
– Loukianou 7, in Kolonaki
– Meander Park (Michalakopoulou), in Ilisia
– Archimedes 23B, in Pagrati
– Herod of Attica, against no. 25 – near Kallimarmaro
– Eleftherias Square 25 (Koumoundourou Square)
– 66 Irakleidon, in Thiseio
– 34 Evmolpidon, in Gazi
– 47 Velvendou, in Ano Kypseli
– Christou Mandika, in Kypseli (in front of a park)
– 30 Feidippidou, in Ampelokipi
– Republic Square of Argentina, in Ampelokipi
– Soutsou, next to Mavili square
– Rest & Razikotsika, in Mets
– L. Georgiou Kafantari & L. Vouliagmenis, in Agios Artemios
– Iakovidou 1-3, in Patissia
– Athena & Lykourgou, in Omonia

In the following days, the process of installing an electric charger is completed, in another area:
– Tripoleos 25, in Kolonos

In an effort to provide additional incentives for electric propulsion, charging vehicles in the first year will be completely free.

THE Mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis, said: “We warmly thank Protergia, the Electricity and Natural Gas Sector of MYTILINEOS, which with the offer of the first network of publicly accessible chargers, contributes to our vision of a sustainable and functional city. At a time when sustainable mobility is crucial A factor for the resilience of cities, initiatives such as this set the tone for the new period for Athens: Enhancing e-mobility in the capital through incentives such as the free, in the first phase, disposal of chargers in combination with other interventions – light traffic roads, promenades, modern sidewalks – compose the image of an upgraded Athens for which we work daily and with dedication “.

THE General Manager of Communication & Marketing Strategy of MYTILINEOS, Vivian Bouzali, stressed: “Protergia shows the future of energy and e-mobility, faithful and consistent in its vision to design services and products focusing on the needs of consumers, at affordable and competitive prices. We are very happy to contribute to the effort of the Municipality of Athens for a new sustainable everyday life in the capital, offering the first network of public chargers, with the quality guarantee of MYTILINEOS.

Besides, we are the first Greek company and one of the first in Europe and the world, which set clear goals and committed to minimizing the carbon footprint. “So we are becoming pioneers as we pave the way for a greener and more environmentally friendly way of life that goes through sustainable mobility.”

Protergia has already entered the electric drive dynamically, with Charge Home Complete / Charge Business Complete programs aimed at owners of electric or hybrid cars. With these upgraded power services, Protergia customers have access to complete solutions tailored to their personal needs. In addition, Protergia takes care of the supply, installation and commissioning of chargers, as well as the technical support to ensure their smooth operation. Finally, the competitive “green” Charge Home Energy MVP product, designed specifically for owners of electric vehicles, aims to make the transition to e-mobility more affordable with significant savings in daily refueling.

Through Protergia ChargeApp, which is now available for iOS & Android, owners of electric vehicles can search for the nearest recharging points throughout Greece, start, monitor and stop recharging sessions of their electric vehicles, but also receive real-time notifications of their sessions.

For Protergia, the sustainable development approach is an ongoing goal. E-mobility will be an important step in the global effort for a “green” future and we are committed to working with our customers to ensure an easy transition to the new era of travel.

Find Protergia charging points here: Charge Map — Protergia Charge


Source From: Capital

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