Proud mom interrupts her reporter son’s live stream to say hello

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No matter how old you are, your mom will always be your number one fan, the person who will always believe in you even when you doubt yourself, and who will celebrate even the smallest of your achievements, even while you’re working.

Just as the mother of Myles Harris, a news reporter from ABC 6 Y FOX 28 in Columbus, Ohio, who was filming a local crime story when his cheerful mother, Sandi Harris, didn’t hesitate to stop her car to proudly greet her son; luckily, his fellow cameraman kept on filming to capture the lovely moment.

Sandi Harris and Myles Harris embarrassed

It turns out that Myles was in the middle of a live broadcast when, suddenly, he noticed that a vehicle was slowly approaching, so he asked the cameraman to wait a moment because it was nothing more and nothing less than his wife mother.

This is my mom, wait.

Once Sandi was sure she had her favorite reporter’s attention, after stopping her car, she yelled loudly,

-Hi babe!

-I’m trying to work right now, and you’re there calling my phone. This is DeAngelo. You can say, “Hello,” and not stop traffic because you have cars behind you.

Sandi Harris and Myles Harris in interview for ABC

“Oh, okay,” Sandi is heard saying before blowing a goodbye kiss. And although it seemed that the peculiar situation caused some embarrassment in Myles, the news reporter decided to share the video on his Instagram account, which unleashed the joy of his followers, becoming a sensation overnight by being seen by millions of netizens who thoroughly enjoyed the touching moment between mother and son. There is no doubt that mother’s love never stops!


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