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Public offering for Byte Computer by Ideal Holdings

Public offering for Byte Computer by Ideal Holdings

IDEAL HOLDINGS SA announced today the submission of an optional public offer to all owners of BYTE ABEE

Through the Public Offer, the Offeror commits and undertakes to acquire all the shares of the Public Offer, i.e. a maximum number of 15,816,009 Shares, which correspond to 100% of the paid-up share capital and voting rights of the Company (the “Shares of Public Offer”), provided that the Minimum Number of Shares has been offered to him and the relevant tenders have been paid.

It is noted that the Offeror offers, in exchange, a combination of securities and cash. In particular, the Offeror offers for each validly tendered and transferred Share of the Public Offer, an amount of €2.10 in cash plus 0.397590 new common registered shares of the Offeror, (collectively the “Offered Consideration”), which will be issued pursuant to an increase share capital of the Proposer.

In particular, a share capital increase of up to €2,515,317.20 will be carried out, with the issuance of up to 6,288,293 new common nominal, after voting rights, shares with a nominal value of €0.40 and a sale price of €4.15 each, in the context of which, in accordance with article 26 par. 1 of Law 4548/2018, and in the absence of a contrary provision in the Proposer’s articles of association, there will be no right of preference in favor of the existing shareholders of the Proposer, as the entire new share capital will be covered by contribution in kind of Shares in favor of the Company’s Shareholders, who will have validly accepted the Public Offer based on the exchange ratio of 0.397590 new share of the Offeror for one Share of the Public Offer, the (Exchange Ratio”).

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