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Pubs and restaurants: the United Kingdom sets up a partial unemployment plan at regional level

With local confinement, regional employment support plan! Finance Minister Rishi Sunak on Friday announced the establishment of a new short-time working plan aimed at helping restaurant and pub workers in areas where they are forced to close by anti-Covid restriction measures of the government.

This new device is being presented as Boris Johnson is preparing to tighten the constraints weighing on certain regions of the North of England where the pandemic is particularly virulent on Monday. A hardening that could pay the price for pubs and restaurants.

Under the new system, which comes into force on 1 st November and for six months, the taxpayer will bear 66% of wages, up to 2,100 pounds per month. Not only will employers not be forced to top up, but they will receive as a bonus up to £ 3,000 in aid per month to help pay their fixed operating costs.

Bowling alleys and night clubs

Businesses that close shop but continue to deliver food will remain eligible. The mechanism will apply to pubs and restaurants that risk lowering the curtain because of the new restriction measures. But it will also benefit bowling alleys and night clubs, which have had to remain closed since the start of the pandemic by government decision.

The United Kingdom has already announced two other major employment supports. The partial unemployment plan launched on April 20 and ending at the end of the month , which provides for the state to pay 60% of the salaries of companies in any sector and in any region that had to close because of the pandemic . And a new mechanism which should take over at the beginning of November , where the State will continue to cover part of the salaries of those whom the pandemic forces to work part-time for six months. Targeted only at jobs worked more than a third of their usual hours, the system should allow beneficiaries to keep up to 77% of their wages.

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