Puig responds to Ayuso’s criticism for the distribution of European funds: “They are unfair and insulting”

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The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has described as “unfair and insulting” for Valencians the criticisms of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel DÃaz Ayuso, the distribution of European funds for recovery.

The head of the Madrid Executive questioned that the Valencian Community received 12.5% ​​of the 10,000 million distributed among the autonomous regions, a figure similar to that of Madrid despite the fact that “its weight in GDP is 9% and population of 10% “and recalled that the Consell includes” the same partners and the ultra-left. ”

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“They are unfair and offensive declarations. We Valencians experience offensive discrimination in the distribution of national resources, they have marginalized us and the decisions of this Executive only go in the direction of overcoming inequalities,” said Puig, who insisted that the distribution be It has been done following the criteria established by the European Union: economic impact of the pandemic, unemployment and youth unemployment.

“The attitude of the president of Madrid is a lack of respect for the autonomous communities as a whole and insulting to Valencians. React funds have been distributed in accordance with what is set out in European regulations and following the constitutional criteria of equality and equity. The president of Madrid does not understand that Madrid acts as a vacuum cleaner and that cannot be allowed forever, “he added.

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Puig recalled that in 1995, the difference between the per capita income of Madrid and the Valencian Community was 35 points. “In 2019, there are 48 points of difference in income. A constitutional government that believes in the principles of equality and equity must guarantee the between the territories and not the opposite, but Mrs. Ayudo and the Spanish right seem to want to that this imbalance continues, “he said.

‘Gift’ of 4,000 million

The president’s position was also supported by the Minister of Finance, the Socialist Vicent Soler, who wanted to emphasize that DÃaz Ayuso “has given away and renounced to enter more than 4,000 million annually to the upper classes of Madrid”.

“Stop making billions of dollars each year through the assigned taxes that provides a 100% bonus such as Estate or Inheritance taxes, while other autonomies do not have more scope for action and, despite promoting a progressive tax system where whoever has the most contributes more, we continue to lack the resources sufficient to guarantee essential public services to our citizens. ”

In Soler’s opinion, “it is not possible that the same administrations that stop voluntarily entering billions, at the same time criticize that other administrations provide us with funds” and has indicated that, as the Ministry of Finance “the distribution has been made taking into account the population weight combined with the impact of the pandemic, the impact on the economy and unemployment.”

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