Puppy poses in a tuxedo at his owner’s graduation and looks like a graduate

Puppy poses in a tuxedo at his owner’s graduation and looks like a graduate

Completing studies deserves a big celebration, in the company of all our loved ones. That includes our pet, who surely spent more than one sleepless night by our side.

It is precisely for this reason that Boss, a pitbull breed dog, accompanied his owner to receive his degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). His presence not only caught the attention of the students, but he also stole everyone’s heart by wearing a custom-made tuxedo.

Alberto received the title as public accountant together with his dog. In addition, he took some photos at various points in the university. His faithful friend Boss of his stayed by his side and posed like a professional, showing off his matching tuxedo with his owner and drawing the attention of everyone around him.

I have no words to thank what UNAM gave me and Boss also has no barks to express how much fun he has on the islands of Ciudad Universitaria. We both love UNAM.

Alberto took advantage of the moment to thank his parents for their support. He obviously did not leave Boss aside and even remembered how he came into his life. At first he considered buying a dog, but a friend asked him if he would rather adopt one. He accepted the offer and eventually his pet came into his arms.

From there came multiple adventures, walks and a company that has filled his heart with love. This dynamic duo proves that dogs are not just pets, but that they are life companions whom we can trust and even support each other to overcome all challenges.

Source: Okchicas