Putin Will Face Consequences of Meddling in US Elections 2020, Warns Biden

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US President Joe Biden has warned that Putin will have to face the consequences of meddling in the US elections 2020. The warning came hours after officials from the US intelligence agency claimed that the Russian president had given permission for an ‘anti-Biden’ and pro-Trump campaign to start in the months leading to the elections.

Putin Must Pay the Price

Talking to ABC News, the United States’ President stated that Putin will pay the price for interfering in the presidential elections held earlier this year.  According to a declassified report by the intelligence services of the country, Russia had tried to sway the elections in the favor of Donald Trump. Upon being asked by the anchor about what those consequences will be, Biden gave a short and simple reply, saying “you’ll see”.

The current US President had also previously stated that Putin does not have a soul. Despite the numerous clashes between the two presidents, Biden opined that the two countries can still work together on issues that concern them both.

Russia’s Response

Russia has termed the US allegations of it meddling in the US presidential elections 2020 baseless. Despite the denial on Russia’s part, it is likely that the United States will now impose sanctions on the Russian Federation.


Source CNN

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