Putin on a date with Biden: We understood each other

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Russian President Vladimir Putin today praised US President Joe Biden for his professionalism after returning to Russia from Geneva after his first meeting with him, saying the atmosphere in the talks was friendly.

The Russian president also stated that Biden knows what he wants, tries to achieve what he wants and acts “skillfully”.

Vladimir Putin, speaking via video conference with alumni of the Higher School of Public Administration Reserve Program, said that the image of Biden presented by the Russian and American media had nothing to do with reality.

“The image of President Biden created by both us and the American press has nothing to do with reality,” Putin said, adding that Biden is a professional. And you have to work with him very carefully, so that nothing escapes you. He, I assure you, does not miss anything “.

“He is organized, he understands what he wants to achieve and he acts very skillfully in live conversation. “You know this right away,” Putin said.

The Russian president expressed hope that the American president would be “allowed to work calmly.”

“I very much hope that what happened in previous years will not happen and that he will be allowed to work calmly,” Putin said.

Referring to the atmosphere at the Geneva summit, the Russian president said that he was in good faith and that they managed to understand each other on key issues.

“The atmosphere was quite good. “I think we were able to understand each other, to understand our positions on important issues, which are very different,” Putin said.

The Russian president added that the summit “enabled us to record what these differences are.” “At the same time, we have set out those directions or those points where we can talk about a possible future approach to the positions,” Putin said. interesting”.

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