Putin: Russian weapons are the most advanced, we are ready to share technology with our allies

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that Moscow values ​​its relations with countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa and is ready to provide modern weapons to its allies.

Putin used a speech at an arms exhibition near Moscow to boast about Russia’s advanced weapons capabilities and signal his willingness to share technology with like-minded countries.

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“We are ready to offer our allies the most modern types of weapons, from small arms to armored and anti-aircraft artillery and unmanned aerial vehicles,” Putin said at the opening of the “Army-2022” forum being held near Moscow .

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“Almost all of these have been used more than once in real combat operations.”

These statements come almost six months after the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine, where Moscow has suffered repeated reversals of plans and heavy losses.

Western military analysts say the poor performance of Russian troops and Russian weaponry could make its arms exports less attractive to potential buyers such as India, which has depended heavily on Russian technology in the past.

Source: News Beast

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