Putin’s Mobilization Is A Sign That Invasion Is Failing, Says British Secretary

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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of the partial mobilization of Russian citizens is an acknowledgment that Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine “is failing”, a senior UK official said.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Putin’s speech on Wednesday, in which he declared the increase in military recruitment and threatened the deployment of nuclear weapons in the war, indicated that “Ukraine is winning”. .

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“President Putin’s breach of his own promises not to mobilize parts of his population and the illegal annexation of parts of Ukraine is an admission that his invasion is failing,” Wallace said in a statement.

“He and his defense minister sent tens of thousands of their own citizens to their deaths, ill-equipped and poorly led,” added Wallace.

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“No amount of threats and propaganda can hide the fact that Ukraine is winning this war, the international community is united and Russia is becoming a global pariah.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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