Putin’s Threats Are Nods to His ‘Most Radical Sectors’, Says Professor

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With tensions escalating in Ukraine after Vladimir Putin’s speech calling on Russian citizens to fight, several officials expressed fears about the possible developments of the war.

In an interview with CNN This Wednesday (22), the professor of International Relations at the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) Leonardo Trevisan said that the announcement and threats by the president of Russia are a nod to his supporters.

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“Putin is showing signs that he accused the coup in Eastern Europe and that he needs, somehow, to give an answer – especially to his most radical sectors, this is the point – that he is acting”, he explained.

In his speech, the Russian leader also stressed that he would use all the resources he has available if the integrity of his territory is threatened.

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Despite fears related to the use of nuclear weapons, Trevisan’s assessment is that the scenario is different from that experienced during the cold war. “Russia, as President Obama has said, is just a regional power,” he said.

In addition, the expert explains that the partial mobilization proposed by Putin makes the war even less popular among Russians.

According to Trevisan, Putin’s power is “having cycles of erosion. Does this mean that tomorrow Putin will fall? Not. This means that, somehow, the Russians’ hope that the war would end soon is over.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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