Queen Elizabeth adopts new haircut for summer

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Queen Elizabeth II has been seen in a new look. In photos shared Wednesday by the royal family’s official Instagram page, the British monarch can be seen sporting a shorter hairstyle as she greets New South Wales Governor Margaret Beazley at Windsor Castle in England. .

It’s a subtle change from the longer, looser curls that many associate with the Queen, but it was still spotted by the public, who quickly commented on the post. “The Queen is wonderful! Your new summer hairstyle is perfect,” one user said. Another wrote: “Love your new haircut, Your Majesty.”

The sovereign has reduced her public appearances since the death of her husband, Prince Philip, in April 2021. Earlier this year, at the age of 95, the Queen tested positive for Covid-19, which, she revealed to the Royal Hospital. from London during a virtual tour, “left her very tired and exhausted”.

During her Platinum Jubilee celebrations earlier in the month, commemorating her 75th year reign with four days of festivities, the monarch was seen only twice. And since such sights are rare, supporters seem to be happy with any updates.

The queen showed off her new hair for the first time at a meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury earlier in the week, though the change is most visible in photos from the meeting with Beazley.

She wore two flowery sundresses for every occasion: one with pink and white prints, the other yellow with blue flowers.

Viewers have long enjoyed deciphering the queen’s image — from perusing her brooch choices, to dissecting her tailoring color palette, her style rarely goes unnoticed.

But it’s all deliberate, according to royal fashion advisor Angela Kelly. “Our role as your gowns is to ensure that Her Majesty is properly dressed for each occasion,” Kelly wrote in her 2019 monarch-approved memoir, “The Other Side of the Coin.”

Kelly also revealed that during the pandemic, she had to work as the queen’s hairdresser – washing, fixing and styling her royal locks while the salons were closed.

It was so much pressure that Kelly remembers often abandoning the task for a gin and tonic. “So while the queen was under the dryer, I told her, ‘I’m going to have a strong drink because this is so stressful, make everything right for you,'” she wrote.

Source: CNN Brasil

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