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Queen Elizabeth “bent over backwards for Harry and Meghan but it wasn’t enough”

Lamented her Queen Elizabeth “he went out of his way” so that Harry And Meghan Markleat court, felt satisfied and at ease. “But nothing was enough” to keep them within the royal family: “None of the Queen’s offers seemed sufficient to the couple”. She told it Paul Burrellformer butler to the princess Diana. Explaining that The Queen “really did everything” to please the couple. From the beginning. For example she «she told former actress Meghan Markle that if he wanted he could continue actinghe offered her the chance to be mentored by Sophie Wessex and in June 2018 he debuted her in his first royal engagement: an official trip to Chester in the company of the queen.

Not only that: His Majesty offered the Sussexes «a two million dollar property in Windsor; she offered him titles and jewels». To the dukes, however, «nothing seemed enough»: «They were so intent on leaving the royal family that nothing could have persuaded them to stay». And in fact in April 2020 the famous Megxit, the farewell of the Sussexes to the royal family, became official.

At the time, the Sussexes said that from then on it would be enough to use their first names to address them: Harry and Meghan, without titles. Nevertheless the titles have never given up. A topic that is much discussed in Great Britain after the continuous attacks by the dukes on the royal family (most recently with the Netflix docuseries Harry&Meghan and with the book-bomb Shoot). For months, public opinion has been calling for the Sussexes to be stripped of their royal titles. And the matter has even reached Parliament, Where a lord, the conservative Bob Seelyeven proposed a change to the current law to transform the Sussexes from dukes to “plebeians”

A scenario that the Sussexes certainly do not wish for. Harry and Meghan, despite the queen’s efforts, wanted to say goodbye to the royal family and moved to America. And from there they never stopped throwing poisoned shafts against their august relatives. Given the situation, many British observers argue, it would have been for the Sussexes «honorable» give up the titles of their own free will. It didn’t happen. Evidently the idea of ​​finding oneself “downgraded” to ordinary citizens – Mr and Mrs Windsor – Harry and Meghan don’t like it at all.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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