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Queen Elizabeth continues to be the most searched royal on the web

The beloved queen Elizabeth II she died at the age of 96 in September 2022. Since then the British Crown has been marked by profound changes: the coronation of Charles III and Camilla, the increasingly irreconcilable feud between Harry and Meghan Markle and the rest of the royal family, the accusations of racism – through the book bomb Endgame – to the new sovereign Charles and his daughter-in-law Kate Middleton. Since September 2022, everything has changed for the British Crown, except the world’s interest in the late Queen Elizabeth. In fact, it was she the most searched for royal on the web in the year that is about to end. This was revealed by a new study conducted by the app GetInsta: in the last 12 months, Elisabetta has collected over eight million searches per month on Google. While the clicks collected on TikTok in the same period they even amount to more 26 billion. The record figures of the late sovereign do not stop here: in 12 months there were around one million articles written online about her and over 20 million hashtag collected on Instagram.

Numbers that make all the other senior royals (and former royals) pale. The Prince Harrydespite the media outcry aroused by his continuous public complaints against the royal family (most recently via Spare), with 2 million searches per month on Google and 14 billion clicks on TikTok within a year he placed second. His wife Meghan Markle – with 4.3 million searches on Google per month and 11.7 billion clicks on TikTok – he has to settle for third position. In fourth place Kate Middletonwhich – with 10.4 billion clicks on TikTok1.5 million hashtag on Instagram and 2.8 million monthly searches on Google – surpasses his father-in-law by one position Carlo. Bringing up the rear are the heir to the throne William, the late Queen Mother, and the new Queen Camilla. The latter – despite the historic coronation last May – turns out to be the British royal we are least interested in.

Queen Elizabeth has been dead for over a year, yet she remains the most influential royal of all. A record that adds to all those she had collected in life. Queen Elizabeth, for example, was there England’s longest-serving queen and, globally, the second longest-serving ruler ever. She was head of state of 15 countries at the same time (no one in history led more) and was the most depicted sovereign in the history of numismatics (her face appeared on 33 international currencies, more than any other king or queen). Elizabeth was a Guinness queen: it is no coincidence that in her lifetime she entered the famous record book six times. Now, one year after her death, here comes the consecration of one more title for her: she is the most searched royal on the Web in 2023.

Source: Vanity Fair

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