Queen Elizabeth is back to work, how nice to see her again!

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Back to work. The Queen Elizabeth, just returned to Windsor after officially closing her holiday period at the Scottish estate of Balmoral, she is already back to work. The first official engagement took place right in Windsor Castle, where Her Majesty met with members of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, an army unit that is particularly close to her heart. Because of those troops is captain general since 1953. In fact, he received the assignment during his coronation.

On Wednesday afternoon, the sovereign, in good shape and in a good mood, talked to the soldiers and then presented to the regiment the sword of the Captain General which will be awarded annually to an officer who has demonstrated exemplary leadership. The sword was unveiled to commemorate the 150 years since the formation of batteries A and B, which were the first standing forces of what is now the Canadian army.

The first official engagement of the sovereign comes a few days after hers first words in public about her husband Philip, who died last April. In Scotland, during his speech for the opening of the new session of parliament, Elizabeth had declared: «You know the deep affection that binds me to this wonderful country e i many happy memories that I have with Prince Philip during our stays here ». Now the sovereign has returned to Windsor, where she spent the entire period of the coronavirus pandemic with Filippo. Another place full of memories.

Her Majesty is now alone. And as his son Andrea said, “Feels a huge emptiness”. But he will never betray his subjects by failing in his royal duties. This is why she continues to do what she does best: keep calm and move on. Always with a smile on his face. Like during this first royal duty after the summer holidays.

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