Queen Elizabeth received an elephant as a gift (and more)

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The Queen’s Passion Elizabeth II for horses it’s legendary. At 95 he is still riding, as shown by the photos recently stolen in the park surrounding Windsor Castle: jacket and jodhpurs riding shoes, white gloves and floral scarf, the sovereign was immortalized while rides – in step – a 14-year-old pony.

Dogs too have always had a special place in the queen’s heart. On March 13, 2020, when Elisabetta sat in the back seat of her Bentley e has moved away from Buckingham Palace As the coronavirus pandemic swept London, camera clicks clicked: sitting on His Majesty’s lap was a very attentive dorgi (corgi dachshund), Candy. «The Queen» over the years he had over 30 corgis and raised even more at Windsor Castle. He never sold them, only gave them away, nor did he ever allow them to participate in dog races. For her they have always been more than just company and she has always taken care of it personally. From food (beef one day, chicken the next, then lamb again, then rabbit and so alternately throughout the month) to daily walks.

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But there are not only dogs and horses in the life (and heart) of the sovereign. Since 1953, the year of her coronation, Queen Elizabeth has received the most extravagant gifts, including animals, coming from all over the planet. If horses were undoubtedly the most popular gifts, and Her Majesty’s stables were their destination, all the others were donated to the London Zoo. In her sixty-eight years of reign they were offered to her crocodiles from Zambia, two black jaguars arrived from Brazil, beavers from Canada, turtles from the Seychelles, several Kangaroos Australians. And in 2013, when he celebrated 60 years of reign, among hundreds of gifts he also received a baby llama and an elephant.

Not only. Over the years, during royal engagements, Her Majesty has encountered creatures of all sorts: elephants, crocodiles, goats, koalas, owls. And the beautiful photos taken on those occasions, collected in the gallery in alto, show that the sovereign loves all animals. Any creature with fur, scales or feathers is always capable of plucking them a cuddle or a smile.

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