Queen Elizabeth: Waiting even 24 hours to worship her body

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At her own pace Elizabeth II moves Great Britain, shortly before her funeral on Monday, with the popular pilgrimage continuing to Westminster Abbey, with the wait reaching even 24 hours.

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Yes, to the question about the how many hours they are willing to waiteveryone answers “as long as it takes”noting that the hours are few before the 70 years she was queen.

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Waiting doesn’t make celebrities, with David Beckham waiting 13 hours to honor her memory Elizabeth II.

At the same time, however, there was no lack of eutrapelas. A man walked away when he got too close to the coffin, reaching out to touch it.

The vigil of children and grandchildren

Three taps of the guard’s baton on the stone steps inside Westminster Hall also marked the start of the Queen’s children’s second vigil, led by King Charles III. He stood at the head of the coffin and the other three at the corners. Slowly and in unison, they turned their backs on the casket, motionless with bowed heads. It was her children’s last poignant ritual tribute to a mother and their queen, before a state funeral on Monday.

This time and exceptionally, prince andrew got the green light to wear his military uniform. This decision of King Charles was criticized a lot, with many believing that he was “too lenient towards his brother”. The same will apply to Harry at the funeral, even though he is no longer performing his duties as a member of the royal family and therefore does not serve the Crown.

Tonight the Queen’s eight grandchildren will also hold a vigil by her coffin. The Prince of Wales will stand at the head and the Duke of Sussex at the feet.

Source: News Beast

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