R. Svigou (SYRIZA): We citizens do not cope with precision Mitsotakis

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“Citizens can’t cope with Mitsotakis accuracy,” said Rania Svigou, the secretary of the Central Committee of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, from Thessaloniki.

“Citizens can’t cope with a policy that turns its back on the lives of ordinary people,” Ms. Svigou noted and continued: “The elections are coming in the fall. We are ready for them and we believe that the great majority of society will support SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance and will pave the way for a progressive government, which will give hope and perspective for the country and the citizens”.

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Mrs. Svigou had, in the building of the Faculty of Law of AUTH, a meeting with the Unified Associations of Teaching and Research Staff (ESDEP) of AUTH and the International University and with representatives of student associations, with whom she discussed issues of higher education. Present at the meeting were SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance MPs Christos Giannoulis, Katerina Notopoulou and Costas Zouraris.

“Once again we have seen the reaction of the university community to the new Kerameos bill. It is a bill that further degrades and discredits public university education,” said Ms. Svigou and added: “We have once again declared our full support for the struggles of the university community. This bill must not be passed. If and when it is passed, the next progressive government is committed to repealing it.”

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The secretary of the Central Committee of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance is currently meeting with the board of directors of the Federation of Industrial Unions, at their offices, and immediately after that she will meet with the administration of the Metro workers, at the offices of SYRIZA in Thessaloniki. In the afternoon, Ms. Svigou will attend and make a recommendation at the meeting of the N.E. First Thessaloniki of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance with the participation of K.E. members, coordinators of the Organizations, members and parliamentarians.

Source: Capital

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