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Ralf, Chrystian’s ex-partner, talks about time without seeing his brother: “Silly to have waited”

The singer Ralf Richardson da Silva known by his first name and for having been a country music duo Chrystian (1956-2024), spoke this Sunday (23) about the time he spent without seeing his brother and classified the situation as “silly” on his part. The duo had been permanently separated since 2021.

“My mistake was waiting for him to look for me. And he was happy, and I didn’t want to cut off his happiness. (…) I don’t regret anything, I just have the feeling of having gone so long without seeing my brother,” he said.

Ralf’s statement was given in an interview with the Fantástico program, on TV Globo, and shown on Sunday night.

The singer also revealed that he dreamed of resuming their country duo. “I see the duo as one being, one person. [Achava] That it was just a phase [a separação]. He is always present in my life. For me, this is difficult, having a person present in his life, but who is already gone”.

Ralf also said that he doesn’t like going to wakes as he considers it a very sad moment, but that he “couldn’t not go” to Chrystian’s. “I couldn’t help but go and see my brother.”

Chrystian died last Thursday (20) after being admitted to Hospital Samaritano, in São Paulo, with a diagnosis of polycystic kidney – a disorder in which cysts develop in the organs.

Source: CNN Brasil

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