Random Street View: the site for making virtual random trips

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One click to find yourself at Hwange National Park between Zimbabwe e Botswana, another for walking in the woods of Canada, to surf the Pacific waves starting from Waikiki beach in Hawaii, or to walk in the snow of the Russian steppe: you can do it with Random Street View, a site that randomly generates destinations allowing you to virtually travel and discover the world, at least through a screen, now that we can’t move.

You don’t need to register or download applications: just go to randomstreetview.com, click with the mouse on the button that recommends random destinations to find yourself anywhere, or refine your search by country and region. Random Street View shows the relative landscape, then lets you move with the mouse imagining to explore the area, maybe even to plan the trip as soon as we can.

In fact it does nothing but take advantage of Google Street View, but adds to that a mechanism – a single click – that does not require you to set particular search terms and this makes you want to go on indefinitely, stimulating curiosity and the desire to discover what that world is like outside that we cannot see now.

Operation is very similar to WindowSwap, the site that allows you to open all the windows of the world (of those who want to share them), and is the latest in a series of innovations that allow you to travel virtually. In Italy, for example, in addition to the many museums, theenit has recently launched the first online exhibition that celebrates the Italian genius and tells the story of our tourism in an exhibition space in 3D, and Iceland a site that invites us to scream and then listen to our voice again in one of its paradisiacal landscapes. In the gallery above some landscapes we explored starting from Random Street View

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