RBD: Fans can’t get tickets and deputy asks for opening investigation of illegal scheme

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It’s not easy for RBD fans.

After difficulties in purchasing tickets for the first announced concerts of the Soy Rebelde tour 2023 the scenario was repeated for the extra shows that are scheduled for the 16th and 18th of November this year.

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The internet sale of new tickets was released on the Eventim platform, this Friday (3), at 10am. But for many fans it didn’t take even a minute – literally – for all types of tickets to appear as “sold out” in the system.

On social media, there are countless comments on the subject, with reports of platform failures and tickets selling out in a few minutes.

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This Tuesday afternoon (3), federal deputy Erika Hilton (PSOL-SP) filed a letter with Procon-SP and the Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo asking for an investigation of the events company Eventim. The document calls for investigation into a possible illegal ticket sales scheme for the band’s concerts in Brazil.

The document to Procon mentions the relationship between exchangers and the company responsible for online sales.

In the official letter, the deputy also refers to reports that several physical points of sale were taken over by “exchangers carrying firearms to intimidate fans”.

If the illegal ticket sales scheme is proven, the deputy states that “the situation could constitute a crime against the popular economy, foreseen in Law nº 1.521, of December 26, 1951, for constituting an act of illegal manipulation of prices and trends of market, harming consumers of the artistic-cultural market in the country”.

On social networks, Procon responds to comments from internet users saying that “it is following the demands against the company”, and advises the harmed consumer to register his complaint.

On the 30th of January, the agency had already manifested itself, requesting explanations from Eventim about problems registered by consumers reporting problems in acquiring the first tickets for the RBD Group show.

A CNN contacted Eventim asking for a position on the subject, but did not receive a response until the publication of this note.

The official shows will be on November 17th in São Paulo and November 19th in Rio de Janeiro.

RBD’s last visit to Brazil was on the group’s farewell tour, between April, May and December 2008.

Check out the content of the letter sent to Procon in full:

To the Consumer Protection and Defense Foundation – PROCON

To the Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo, Consumer Protection Office

Dear all, I address Your Excellency in the capacity of Federal Deputy for the Socialism and Freedom Party of São Paulo (PSOL/SP), in the expectation of obtaining clarifications in reference to the alleged scheme between money changers and the company Eventim Brasil, which provided the tickets for the concert by the band RBD, scheduled to take place in the second half of November 2023.

The aforementioned band, which has a legion of fans in Brazil, announced that it would perform concerts in Brazil in 2023. The sale of tickets was under the responsibility of the company Eventim Brasil, which made them available on its website on February 3rd, from from 10 am.

According to news portals, tickets sold out in less than 10 minutes 1 , which caused a lot of frustration among the band’s fans, who began to express their suspicion that the mass purchase had been carried out by scalpers.

The suspicion was confirmed in a note published by R7 2 , which stated that several points of sale were taken over by money changers carrying firearms to intimidate fans. There is also a video that circulates on social networks 3 , where it is stated that the company responsible for selling tickets has a scheme with the exchangers.

Once the illegal ticket sales scheme has been proven, the situation could constitute a crime against the popular economy, provided for in Law No. consumers of the artistic-cultural market in the country.

In view of these facts, I hereby request the opening of an investigation into the allegations of an illegal scheme relating to the sale of tickets for the RBD banking show by the company Eventim Brasil.

Furthermore, we renew our wishes of esteem and consideration, and certain of your attention, we remain at your disposal for any clarification.

Source: CNN Brasil

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